Gertrude the Fiery Redhead
Being Different

Gertrude was a Fiery Redhead. She neither matched her brothers nor her sisters. She was simply different.She was born of an Irishman and the Leprechaun was in her. It was her Superpower and the Irishman told her to guard it well and escape the dark, dreary drudgery into which she was born and go and find the New Free World, a mighty continent of boundless possibilities as travel and new experiences are the only things you buy that make you richer.Join us for a voyage of adventure as she explores the Americas through our 10-book series...

Gertrude the Fiery Redhead

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Jill E Hersch

Jill E. Hersch

After a successful career selling computer networks to schools while raising three boys, Jill thought her work was done and retired to the sunshine state. However God was not done with her yet, and she still had a role to play in the raising of the next generation. While working with her church friend on a Dementia Daycare brochure together they hatched a plan to bring the character of Gertrude to life. Grannie Gertrude had been instrumental in raising Jill while her mother worked and had taught her valuable moral lessons of dignity and self respect. That was her superpower and she needed to guard it well - she owes it now to the next generation to pass that baton on.

Jill Muller

Jill Muller, educated at Syracuse University with a degree in Illustration, has thoroughly enjoyed bringing the character of Gertrude to life. Jill has worked extensively as a book designer and illustrator for Disney Publishing, Parragon Publishing, Reader’s Digest, Scholastic, and innovativeKids. She has designed and illustrated for American Greetings Cards, art directed for Conair, and created on-line products for Kodak, Fujifilm, and Shutterfly. When not illustrating Gertrude’s world, Jill paints in her seaside studio, inspired by the beauty of God’s world all around her. With a heart to serve others, Jill partners with several disaster response teams as a trained volunteer, donates her time to rebuild impoverished communities locally and internationally, and provides humanitarian services for Christ-centered retreats and organizations.

Jill Muller
Jill Muller

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Gertrude the Fiery Redhead

A series of children's books by Jill E. Hersch and Jill Muller

Book 1:

Being Different

Gertrude the Fiery Redhead: Being Different is due to be published in September 2023.Add your email below to be the first to know when it'll be available to pre-order!

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Gertrude was different. All her older siblings were beautiful, becoming blondes with gorgeous green eyes or boring brown hair and brown eyes which stared at you as if you were always in trouble but Gertrude was a Fiery Redhead with big, bright, blue eyes. Eyes the size of Saucers and much too big for her face, a face which was as deep and mysterious as the ocean itself. They all lived in a little Miner's Cottage with Smoke bellowing out of the Chimney. Royce kept the fire going while Gertrude kneaded the bread and Kit kept the family full with her delicious and nutritious cooking from the vegetables in the garden.But all of that was about to change when a Horse dropped an unwanted singing Visitor on their doorstep and all the neighbours' curtains twitched. This unwanted Visitor, who was now to be called her Father, told Gertrude of many tales of distant lands, destinations and discoveries she must make.He told her about his beloved Emerald Isle, a land of Leprechauns and Whales and mystical Sea Creatures, and “no Snakes”. He told her about the Garden of Eden, a plentiful Paradise and how GOD took a rib out of Adam while sleeping and made her Eve, the Mother of all Nations. He told her of wonderful places, food, flora and fauna, colours and creations she hadn’t even dreamt actually existed.Her Father told her about the Nasty War and how she must promise to leave the dreary drudgery behind and make her destiny in the New Free World, a mighty new Continent of boundless possibilities. Gertrude hadn’t known why she was different or where she came from but now she knew who she was and where she was going…

More to Follow!

Gertrude the Fiery Redhead: Being Different is just the first!There will ultimately be a series of TEN Gertrude books!Add your email address in the box above to be kept informed 😁

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